The mythical frame of the tragic story of Medea was based on the legend of the Argonauts, Greek heroes who sailed through the seas of ancient Greece towards Colchis, the "land of the barbarians", in search of the golden fleece, under the command of Jason. 
Medea, daughter of the king of Colchis falls blindly in love with Jason: she manages, with her barbarous powers, for Jason to overcome every test he has to go through in order to rescue the fleece, and finally runs away with him after murdering her brother, thus betraying, for the love of Jason, her father and her people.
With the gaze directed toward pre-classical antiquity, we discover, in the archaic human landscape, contemporary streams and cliffs.
Are we really, us men of the twentieth century, so far from the massacres of Colchis or from the Trojan War?


Artistic Team