Exxxtrañas Amazonas. Martian Operetta

Exxxtranas Amazonas is a “Martian operetta”: a remake of sorts of the sixties Mexican science fiction film Blue Demon against the women invaders. This excessively bad (and thus wonderfully prodigious) film, is reinterpreted both on video and live by three Colombian transvestites who become the lead characters in the story. The audience watches the projected reconstructed film, which is in dialogue with cabaret numbers that the transvestites perform for them live. This experimental cinema-cabaret piece brings together Mapa Teatro’s aesthetic and political preoccupations, framed within specific questions on the meeting of two popular cultures, such as that of Colombia and Mexico, which are so highly representative in Latin America. 
This project won the Beca de Creación Interdisciplinaria district competition in 2009.
"Dear Heidi:
I find your project very interesting and it coincides quite specifically with many of the theatrical questions of the avant-garde, and the likes of social taste. With regards to the films, any film about wrestling will no doubt be horrendous, but it can also be brilliant if it is offered in fragments. Perhaps The Monsters Nave is the most delirious, although in my opinion, nothing has, or could, surpass the ghastly and extraordinary film The Saint against the female vampires. But I tell you: whatever you choose will be unsurpassable, for it is a genre where functional illiteracy and a complete lack of imagination have managed to create a prodigy. If you need more information, I am at your service.
Best wishes."
Carlos Monsiváis. Mexico City, November 2007.


Artistic Team